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What we do ...

Project Nature-Ed's business spans the outdoor education, interpretive communication, and park management fields. We specialise in outdoor education programming and skills development; the design and production of interpretive activities, publications, and displays; parks planning and the responsible management of nature-based outdoor recreation opportunities. Research and evaluation in these fields are also our key strengths.

In addition, we offer an job information and advertising service - COOEEads - a weekly email listing jobs, consultancies, grants, training opportunities and the like in the fields of outdoor / environmental education, interpretive communication and park management in Australia (and New Zealand). It is free to receive, but there is a cost to advertise.

Our services include:
Outdoor / Environmental Education Services
* Skills development, training and assessment
* Programme design and planning
* Programme evaluation

Interpretive Communication Services
* Face-to-face activities and guided walks
* Indoor / Outdoor display panel planning and design
* Visitor Information Sheets, Brochures and Publications
* Interpretive programme planning and evaluation

Park Management Services
* Parks planning and management
* Outdoor recreation planning and management
* Visitor survey design, administration and evaluation
* Visitor impact monitoring and assessment



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Behind the name
Project Nature-Ed is a business committed to experiencing, understanding and protecting natural areas. The promotion of awareness, respect and appropriate use of our natural areas are key aspects of our business.

Previous projects include
the design of environmental education activities for:
* YMCA Camp Warrawee
* Kindilan Outdoor Education & Conference Centre

the development of outdoor recreation resource and assessment materials for the:
* University of Queensland, Gatton
* Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation

and the conduct and analysis of visitor surveys for the:
* Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service

Can we help you?
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