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Welcome to the Project Nature-Ed Library ...

Here you will find articles related to minimal impact, outdoor education, interpretive communication and environmental education.

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Minimal Impact

What's Minimal Impact? 100KB
How Minimal Impact behaviour has changed over time 143KB
Minimal Impact Education ~ Turning technique into discovery, learning and understanding 183KB
When nature calls 1,284KB

Minimal Impact Knowledge Test 153KB

Outdoor Education

Is outdoor education environmental education? 113KB
Risk Management and Outdoor Education: a practical approach to ensuring positive outcomes 364KB
Legal considerations for Outdoor Educators when administering first aid 112KB

Stepping Stones by The Learning Project, Christchurch, NZ
Games, Activities, Initiatives by Todd Samorowski

Interpretive Communication

Pete’s story: interpreting the consequences of risk-taking behaviour 481KB
Getting your message across: Wot's 'HOT' and Wot's not? 81KB
The Language of Live Interpretation - Making Contact by John A. Veverka 108KB


Bandicoot Education Factsheet 616 KB and Bandicoot Games 131KB

Recreation Management

Providing for a diverse range of outdoor recreation opportunities: a "micro-ROS" approach to planning and management 323KB
Involving the Community in Managing Visitor Assets 323KB
wildlife feeding, national park policy and visitor practice: where to from here? 209KB
wildlife feeding, national park policy and visitor practice: promoting responsible wildlife interaction 186KB

And for people who are interested - my PhD thesis!

My thesis explored the relationship between departmental policy and organisational culture within the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to determine why, in some instances, visitor education was failing to be a valued aspect of protected area management in Queensland, and in Australia more generally. It was in response to the Queensland Government’s intention to revitalise this element as a function of a broader Government process to secure sustainable environmental and social outcomes for Queensland.

Thesis cover 55KB
Abstract and contents 323KB
Chapter 1 - Establishing the context of the study 462KB
Chapter 2 - Theoretical background to the study 412KB
Chapter 3 - Research Methods 354KB
Chapter 4 - Organisational structures and frameworks 518KB
Chapter 5 - Awareness, use and value of I&E Strategy 666KB
Chapter 6 - Acceptance and use as a park mgmt tool 587KB
Chapter 7 - Key barriers 381KB
Chapter 8 - Enhancing the role and value of visitor education 311KB
Chapter 9 - Thesis review, limitations and concluding remarks 199KB
Reference List 285KB