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The no nonsense approach to

Introducing the Easiest and most Cost Effective way for:

  • Outdoor Leaders
  • Activity Guides
  • Teachers
  • Youth Workers and
  • Corporate Trainers
to improve your knowledge and collection of team building games, activities and initiatives.

Games, Activities, Initiatives has been created to give you access to the largest resource of team building games activities and initiatives available. No need to search through your brain or your bookshelves to get that information again. You can have it in your hot little hands in a matter of minutes.

This resource has been specifically designed for practical use in mind and is been split into six different booklets to help you to be the best you can be:

  • Races, Relays, Tag: an awesome and interesting collection of the best races, relays and tag games available.
  • Cooperative Games: is full of games, activities and initiatives, which will help to teach cooperation amongst your group.
  • Active Games: One way of running the excitement out of the participants. Sometimes it takes a fun, full energy games to help their learning.
  • Circle Games: If there is one thing all leaders and guides love, it's a circle. These games have been put together to make a circle fun as well as great places to carry out debriefing.
  • Moderate Games: Games which are somewhere in between - Just great for any occasion.
  • Passive Games: A great selection of games which can be used at night time or when you are trying to slow the mood down.

These booklets will ensure that you will never be caught out again, not knowing which game or activity to play next. You will always know how to keep a group entertained, occupied and interested for any length of time.

These booklets are:

  • Easy to read
  • Small enough to fit into your pack or pocket
  • Alphabetically listed for easy viewing.
  • Split into different game categories.
  • Easy to use
... because it has you in mind because it has been developed by someone just like you (a Professional Outdoor Educator).

... and are now available, along with the "How to' put the booklets together" manual for you to download for free!

Races, Relays, Tag - 330KB
Cooperative Games - 426KB
Active Games - 1064KB
Circle Games - 909KB
Moderate Games - 301KB
Passive Games - 560KB
How to ... - 751KB