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Stepping Stones by 'The Learning Project' ...

Introducing the easiest and most effective way for:

  • Outdoor Leaders
  • Activity Guides
  • Teachers
  • Youth Workers and
  • Corporate Trainers
to debrief a range of experiences, encouraging learners to process and reflect on their experiences.

Stepping Stones by The Learning Project is a new debriefing tool that assists participants to reflect on and analyze the experiences they felt, share different perspectives, and process new learning into their conceptual framework.

Stepping Stones can be used at any time during a program to process experiences from challenge by choice activities, team building exercises and role play. The use of Stepping Stones is only limited by the creativity of the program leader.

Stepping Stones provides 40 questions for use in self-reflection and evaluation. It comes in a durable waterproof container. Ideal for carrying in your pocket or backpack.

Download a Stepping Stones Order Form and order your set today!